Vaudeville Theatre Seating Plan

The Vaudeville Theatre is one of the West End’s medium sized venues with 690 seats arranged over three tiers, the stalls, dress circle and upper circle.

The stalls are home to rows AY to S, 18 seats wide at the most. The dress circle includes rows A to K, a maximum of 19 seats wide, and the upper circle covers rows from A to J, also 18 seats across at the widest.

Most seats at stalls level provide good views of the stage and decent legroom. The dress circle is overhung by the upper circle above and can feel a bit hemmed in by the side boxes, especially seats A1 and A19. Otherwise the front rows are usually a good choice.

The dress circle boxes are set in pairs either side of the theatre and offer reasonable views plus extra legroom, handy if you’re on the tall side.

And the upper circle feels quite a way from the stage despite the small size of the building, with tight legroom throughout. Central seats from row C back are your best bet here, with rear seats offering the most comfort.

From the foyer there are 6 steps down to the stalls, 27 up to the dress circle and 54 up to the upper circle.