Vaudeville TheatreThe Vaudeville Theatre was built in 1971 by architect C.J Phipps for three of the most popular actors of the day: David James, H.J Montague and Thomas Thorn, also know as the Jew, the Gent and the Gentile. Situated on the Strand it is just a few yards away from the Adelphi Theatre and the Savoy Theatre.

In 1891, the Vaudeville was completely reconstructed. The Compact four-storey Portland stone exterior, with its first-level loggia and French casement windows could well have passed for the private house of a wealthy Victorian merchant. The theatre was sold by Thomas Thorne to the brothers Gatti who with the help of Charles Frohman produced a series of successes. In 1915 the Vaudeville became the new house for Andre Charlot for more that 10 years!

In 1926, the building was given a completely new interior, keeping the 1882 Phipps frontage intact. The proscenium was enlarged, new stairways built and the auditorium changed from its horseshoe shape to that of a rectangle with classical ornamentation.

In 1969, the Gatti family finally sold the Vaudeville Theatre to Peter Saunders who improved the facilities for actor by installing air conditioning and showers in the dressing rooms. Famous actors played here such as Moira Lister in More Over, Mrs Markham, Key For Two; Glenda Jackson appeared in Stevie and Great and Small. Other productions at the Vaudeville Theatre include A Talent To Amuse a tribute to Noël Coward, Kat and The Kings, The Chiltern Hundreds, Run For Your Wife, Caught in the Net, Stomp, Deep Blue Sea...